Sirris: access to experts, know-how, infrastructure and partner organisations

Over the last 30 years Sirris has become the principle Belgian Additive Manufacturing expert and also one of Europe’s leading AM pioneers. This has been made possible with the fast growing number of experts, the creation of a high-tech infrastructure and an expanding international network.

Sirris’ Additive Manufacturing experts are not only unique because of their extensive experience working in companies and their pioneering research into AM technologies. They have also gradually built up excellent relationships with all the major players - both national and international - right through the complete AM industry value chain.

Our experts
Our AM  researchers and experts are your disposal at these 3 Sirris sites:
  • Seraing
  • Leuven 
  • Gosselies
Our infrastructure
You have access to 15 different technologies in the specialised laboratories at Gosselies and Seraing, including these:
  • Metals: LBM, EBM, binder jetting and laser cladding
  • Polymeres: SLS, Stereolithography, material jetting and binder jetting
  • Ceramics: UV hardening of ceramics materials
Our network of partners
Sirris works with leading AM experts throughout Europe: designers, suppliers of materials, manufacturers of 3D printing machines, consultants, 3D service providers, etc.