SensInFood project investigates use of advanced sensors in food industry

With the SensInFood project, Sirris along with Flanders' FOOD has embarked on a journey to understand the sensor needs in the food industry. We are exploring novel techniques and advanced sensing technologies, such as hyperspectral imaging (HSI), to improve efficiency, quality and safety in the food industry.

Within the SensInFood project we are working along with food manufacturers, machine builders and integrators to identify and remove the hurdles that often exist while integrating such technologies into industrial processes. Key to this integration is that the envisaged benefits are achievable in practice while being economically viable.

HSI is a non-invasive, passive technique that is well established in remote sensing and waste recycling. Recently food and agriculture have also emerged as one of the key application areas for HSI. However, integrating such a sensor comes with its own issues. An oft asked question revolves around the return on investment of such a technology, for HSI cameras are still considered expensive and niche. On the other hand, processes are already equipped with multiple sensors. Logically, users also wonder about the benefits of combining their existing sensor data as an alternative approach. These are the needs SensInFood tackles by investigating the benefits and the cost effectiveness of using advanced sensors such as HSI or the alternative soft-sensing approach using only existing sensors in a machine.

Want to know more about the use of sensors in food industry? On 22 November we will be organising an event on advanced sensors within the project SensInFood. More information on this event to come later, so keep an eye on our agenda!