Reniver’s 4.0 platform, key to a transparent shop floor


Within the 4.0 made real demonstrator we’ll use innovative, but commercially available IoT technology. We’re very proud to welcome the Belgian IoT engineering company Reniver as our partner to create a transparent shop floor, using their newly developed ‘4.0 platform’. 

Reniver is a Belgian engineering company founded in 2012 and specialized in R&D for smart factories. It focuses on industrial IT, flexible communication systems and IoT systems. 

Based upon the successful introduction of innovative machine communication solutions at Shell, Duracell, Niko and Meyn Foodprocessing, Reniver has developed its own '4.0 platform'. This platform allows to easily connect and configure different industrial data sources (machines, equipment, etc.). The solution has been developed with special attention to the user interface making sure little or no experience in machine communication is required to set up your own system.  

Do you have legacy machines that are not connected? No Problem, Reniver engineered tiny wireless sensors with up to 10 different functions that can be quickly configured and installed on your machine. Your machine will be connected in a blink of an eye! 

We are very proud that Reniver has selected the Sirris '4.0 made real' initiative to demonstrate and further develop its new platform. Keep an eye out for the Reniver platform when attending our launch event at 7 November!  


Building block: Transparent shop floor


This article is part of our ‘4.0 made real by Sirris’ campaign, illustrating the feasibility of 4.0 technology in industry. Want to know more? Visit our landing page or LinkedIn page!