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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

In 2015, iBeauty, which runs an online CRM platform for beauty salons and hairdressers, became the 40th company to take part in the Sirris Startathlon. At Startathlon workshops, between five and seven SaaS and hardware companies, both start-ups and spin-offs, get the opportunity to work on their own innovative business case with a team of Sirris experts. iBeauty was therefore guided through seven clear steps towards a validated growth model.
‘Smartpick’ is an innovative order picking system developed by Ghent-based firm Evolar. Using smart glasses and Evolar’s software, order pickers can scan codes on goods simply by looking at them. They are then shown specific tasks in the corner of their vision so they know exactly what has to be done with each item. No more paper checklists and handheld scanners! Only one thing let it down: the hardware – i.e. the wearing system for attaching the smart glasses to the order picker – was ergonomically not as comfortable or effective as it could have been. Evolar therefore sought advice from Sirris in 2015.
Based in Arendonk, Antwerp, DiBO has been designing and building a range of cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaners since 1978: from portable washers through to trailers and large washing systems. The firm, which originated in the Netherlands, also offers tailor-made products for various sectors, from shipping to industrial cleaning and the cleaning of building facades. Following an audit by Plan&Co, Sirris’s innovation scheme for SMEs, DiBO embarked on a new optimisation project in 2015. The initial focus was to improve the lead time on a specific trailer assembly line.
Since 2009, Borit, a company based in Geel with branches in Japan and the United States, has focused on the production and assembly of thin, steel plate components which are shaped by water pressure using the firm’s patented ‘Hydrogate’ technology (hydroforming), before being cut and welded. These bipolar plates are primarily used in the manufacture of fuel cells. In 2015, Borit designed an innovative production tool in collaboration with Sirris to optimise the fuel cell assembly process.
Berlaarse Constructie Werken – BCW for short – has been designing and manufacturing small and medium-sized trailers for consumers and businesses since 1978. The family-run business makes a wide array of vehicle and machinery carriers, motorbike trailers, box trailers, tippers and the like. With a view to marketing a new range of lightweight trailers, BCW decided to optimise the design of one of its tippers, i.e. trailers with load spaces that can be tilted sideways or backwards. It asked Sirris to assist it with this ambitious challenge in 2015.
Atlas Copco is a leading supplier of industrial productivity solutions, and its Wilrijk site is world renowned for its air and gas compressors. The Specials Department tailors these products to the specific requirements of a range of sectors. For example, some compressors are used on offshore drilling platforms and in maritime environments in which corrosion-resistant materials are essential. Compressor components – such as the drain pot – which are traditionally made from less corrosion-resistant material require rustproof alternatives when used in such environments. Atlas Copco relied on Sirris to optimise the design of its drain pot in 2015.
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) conducts pioneering research into new technologies for the wind industry. The research team developed a new technique to prevent icing on turbine rotor blades and used the large climate chamber at Sirris’s OWI Lab to validate their prototype.
As part of the Change2Micro project promoting the microprocessing of plastics in Flanders, TP Vision and its partners set themselves a challenge during the summer of 2015: to make a range of optoelectronic sensing features found in television sets four times more compact and unobtrusive fit for a sleek design. Developing a working prototype took just a few weeks.
Visio Ing Consult, based in Hannut, specialises in product control, sizing and sorting using optical systems. To meet the needs of companies that manufacture parts in small and medium-sized runs, it wanted to develop and market a piece of equipment capable of screening batches comprising a variety of parts in a fully automated way. It produced a complex set of specifications and turned to Sirris to realise them.
In 2014-15, Belgian water treatment specialist Eloy Water commissioned Sirris to develop a set of new wastewater treatment tanks made of thermosetting composite, to supplement its range of traditional concrete tanks. Its aim was to be able to offer reliable and affordable treatment plants that are easier to produce, store, handle and install.


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