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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

Sirris and three research partners (including CRM) have developed an easier and more affordable manufacturing process to produce metal/plastic hybrid parts.
Smart oil tanks: Sirris is involved in designing the ultrasound measurement sensor for the new FullUP gauges.
Within the ICON Videspro research project project, Flanders Make and Siemens called in SLC-Lab for the development and production of a use case.
BVC Development was looking for a way to make composites fire-resistant: a requirement imposed by many sectors that is at odds with the traditional composition of these materials. The matrix material typically consists of a flammable epoxy, and SLC-Lab contributed to this innovative development.
Gilbos devised for itself an innovative yarn-twisting process for carpet manufacturing. However, the precision of the system Gilbos produced for this purpose proved problematic for its rollout. In this light, it decided to call on the know-how and precision-manufacturing capabilities provided by Sirris.
Sky Man International, based in Boom (Belgium), is a firm believer in continuous improvement of both its products and its production systems and order processing. In this light, it introduced QRM into its production department and offices. This new collaborative team approach has made lead times even shorter and has further improved internal operations.
For 60 years now, Paumelles Liégeoises has been manufacturing a wide range of metal hinges, many of them in special limited series. The company asked Sirris to review its production processes and how these were managed. The aim was to find a way of continuing to deliver to its customers in 48 hours while limiting its stock, which had been causing losses for the company.
Emmanuel Fraeye, based in Ardooie, designs, builds and fits bespoke kitchens and interiors. To ensure that it can complete every project on time without compromising on quality, the company has streamlined its business processes with the help of Sirris.
ASCO designs and manufactures a wide variety of products for the aerospace industry, ranging from lift mechanisms to complex mechanical components and assemblies. Among other things, the R&D department of this multinational with its headquarters in Brussels works on advanced designs for laminar wing profiles, which was the first project where ASCO decided to make use of 3D printing. Sirris successfully guided the company as it explored this area for the first time.
For over half a century, Ronchi has been designing and manufacturing machinery for packaging liquid products ranging from foodstuffs to chemical goods and cosmetics. Among this Italian machinery manufacturer's products are capping machines that screw caps onto plastic bottles. Ronchi teamed up with Sirris to examine how 3D printing could further increase the productivity of such units.


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