Some references

Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

In conjunction with the Mechatronics 4.0 project team, Benes was able to effectively apply rapid prototyping to the development of a high-accuracy printer feeder table and associated software. This technique makes it possible to test out and optimise concepts in a short period of time.
Veurne-based company Duco specialises in ventilation systems and solar control for homes and commercial buildings. One of their products is a ventilation unit for homes. To ensure optimal use of the system, the ventilation flow can be adjusted on the basis of measurements in the room.
Panimpex designs and manufactures manometers. The complexity of the various order flows required a change to how production was controlled, so that production could be managed with less effort.
To successfully apply additive manufacturing (AM) it is critically important to have in-house knowledge of the various technologies involved. Atlas Copco Airpower, a manufacturer of compressors, generators and other industrial equipement, is one of the pioneers in using AM to manufacture their products. In its view, the possibilities - and therefore its expertise - will only continue to expand.
Advanced production techniques have reached a level mature enough to be used in space travel. Thales Alenia Space, an aerospace company, sees the benefits and is working together with Sirris. A test project for antenna systems looks encouraging.
One key problem with additive manufacturing techniques are the support structures involved in production. Thales Alenia Space, a company which designs and manufactures aerospace systems, is using the latest 3D manufacturing techniques to overcome that shortcoming. Sirris provided the relevant technological support.
Paumelles Liégeoises, based in Liège, manufactures a wide range of metal hinges in relatively small production runs. It uses a multitude of older, conventional PLCs in its processes. In an effort to continue innovating, Paumelles wanted to explore possibilities for automation. The company opted to harness Sirris's expertise to support the innovation process.
Houthandel Hulsmans, based in Heusden-Zolder, sells wood and associated products to professional customers. 2014 was a key year for the company in its process of gradual modernisation. Sirris helped Hulsmans through the process with a thorough production audit and a feasibility study for a new environmentally friendly product.
At Fomeco, based in Zwevegem, pipes and plates are produced on a just-in-time basis. Customers can change their order very late. Long lead times make planning and quality control much harder. Working with Sirris, the company gradually introduced QRM, halving the lead time for a production line.
Bone Therapeutics, based in Gosselies, develops innovative – and above all minimally invasive – cell therapies for repairing and preventing bone fractures. To treat certain bone defects, the biotech company decided to seek out a solution focusing on tissue generation. Together with Image Analysis, a UK company specialising in medical imaging, Sirris is making that quest possible with 3D printing.


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