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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

VCST, based in the Belgian province of Limburg, wanted to know if there was a faster way of manufacturing prototype gears for its customers while retaining its trademark high level of precision. To this end, it successfully teamed up with Sirris to compare four alternative production methods.
Many companies that integrate software into their products wrestle with the question how many new variants of a product they should bring to market and also how they can efficiently manage such innovations. Sirris joined no fewer than 23 partners from 7 countries in addressing this complex issue in a European research project, called VARIES. In this project, Belgium is the country with the largest number of participating organisations, led by Barco.
Psychomed has managed to integrate audiovisual relaxation technologies into spectacle frames. Sirris helped the company make its portable relaxation device as compact as possible.
Laser cutting, bending and welding 130 different parts into one stove in just three days, without straining the work schedule and while making optimal use of warehouse space: Genk-based metal-processing company Provan pulls off this feat thanks to Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).
Lapauw International wanted to find out whether its latest industrial drying ironers could be even more energy efficient. Sirris conducted an EcoMechatronics Audit on one of the machines and concluded that there was scope for a 10-20% improvement.
Sustainable innovation not only has ecological benefits; it also offers many technological and economic advantages, as Laborex discovered, following the development of an environmentally friendly cleaning system for train bogies. Doubling productivity while also reducing water and energy consumption is a remarkable achievement, earning the Olen-based company a well-deserved Innovation Award in 2012.
Flanders’ PlasticVision sought and found a partner for a feasibility study into scratch-resistant coatings for plastics in Sirris's Smart Coating Application Lab.
The cooperation between the Belwind wind farm and Sirris’ Offshore Wind Infrastructure (OWI) Application Lab is a win-win partnership: the lab was given a chance to take offshore measurements and monitor a functioning wind farm, whilst Belwind gained greater insights into the behaviour and performance of its installations.
In a bid to create added value and further consolidate its market position, Amplidata, a provider of data storage solutions sought to extend its core business to 'big data' analytics. An international research project gave Amplidata’s plans a real boost.
I-Movix asked Sirris to design a compact, ergonomic and maintenance-friendly camera housing. After some trial and error, we came up with the successful X10 camera.


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