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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

In early 2015, Wind aan de Stroom, a consortium of port authorities and private investors, began building one of Belgium’s largest onshore wind farms in the port of Antwerp. Siemens Wind Power is supplying and installing the powerful turbines. The rotor blades contain a brand-new technology for keeping the blades free from ice. In partnership with Sirris’s OWI Lab, Siemens validated the technology’s functionalities on site..
Prosteps develops growth software for the retail and wholesale sector from its base in Antwerp. Over 30 employees support international players, such as travel and outdoor sports chain A.S. Adventure, with ERP solutions. The company recently launched its first Software-as-a-Service offering onto the market: Tilroy, an online and omni-channel checkout system that connects up all sales channels in real time. However, Prosteps does not have all the necessary know-how in-house to grow internationally via this SaaS platform. In 2015, it sought assistance from Sirris to set up the ideal advisory board.
C-Power operates the very first offshore wind farm off the Belgian coast. Since offshore wind farm construction is still in its infancy and turbine foundations are exposed to extreme conditions, C-Power has teamed up with Sirris and VUB to monitor the structures. This will enable it to keep track of the ageing process and plan maintenance work in an informed way.
There is a lot involved in running a successful youth camp: arranging registrations, organising the logistics, recruiting and paying monitors and developing group activity programmes while always keeping in mind what makes each child unique. It was this that inspired Pieterjan Muller, an IT whizz-kid from Leuven, to develop an online software package that integrates and automates the administrative tasks of youth camp organisers. Hoping to further refine the user experience of the aptly-named ‘KampAdmin’ application, Muller attended the SaaS MVP Engineering Bootcamp organised by Sirris in 2015.
As a leading manufacturer of wind turbine transformers, Mechelen-based CG Power Systems is continuously researching ways of making electrical machinery lighter and more compact without compromising on power. Before a new model comes to market, it is tested to ensure that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. For this, CG Power Systems relies on the test facilities and expertise of the Sirris OWI Lab.
The municipality of Ittre is home to the Clabecq site (formerly the Forges de Clabecq steel plant) owned by steel producer NLMK. The plant mainly produces thin steel sheets for the energy and transport sector, mining and shipbuilding and the construction industry, but also supplies niche markets with products such as wear-resistant steel and high-strength steel. Keen to further professionalise its working methods and customer service, the Belgian NLMK site called on Sirris’s precision manufacturing expertise in 2015.
2013 saw the launch of a major restructuring at Tenneco, with products relocated across its European plants. Needing to streamline its costs urgently, the shock absorber plant in Sint-Truiden joined Sirris and Agoria’s Made Different programme, which seeks to transform manufacturing businesses into Factories of the Future. Fast forward to 2016 and Tenneco Sint-Truiden is getting back to its full operational potential.
Hardening is an essential but onerous step in the manufacture of precision components for switches. The traditional hardening process takes a long time and entails precision risks. Laser hardening eliminates both of these problems, and Niko is introducing it in its production process.
Zwevegem-based pipe processor Fomeco is always looking for ways to optimise its production process. The company wanted to know whether certain – hitherto manual – steps could be automated. Sirris examined the flow and used a test rig to investigate whether a lightweight robot could take over marking operations.
Token manufacturer b-token, based in Retie, has grown exponentially in the past few years. However, production had struggled to keep pace, and delivery times were sometimes being missed. Sirris’s experts investigated exactly where the capacity problem lay and worked with b-token to design a new production flow.


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