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Who is better placed to explain what Sirris can do for you than our member companies themselves? Here are a few examples from various domains, to show what you can expect from us.

Many healthcare professionals seek technological assistance to assess medical conditions in a more objective way and provide personal advice. RS Print delivers software and equipment to measure and perform gait analysis, but the wide variety and the inherent complexity of human motion make the full exploitation of the underlying data a challenge.
3E is an international consultancy and software services provider specialised in optimising the performance of sustainable energy systems. It offers a platform for monitoring wind turbines and photovoltaic (PV) plants.

Coris BioConcept approached Sirris for their expertise in microproduction, to develop a biomedical microchip to rapidly detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a single test.

Parkwind has been a European pioneer in the development, construction and management of offshore wind farms since 2012. Three wind farms in the Belgian waters of the North Sea are managed by Parkwind: Belwind, Northwind and Nobelwind, which have a total capacity of 552 MW. An additional wind farm – Northwester 2 – is now also operational.

Goddeeris, a Roeselare based industrial supplier, specialises in the machining of complex castings. During machining, it is essential to prevent vibrations. These vibrations can be caused by a combination of tool geometry, machine, clamping and forces at specific frequencies. This ultimately leads to more downtime, accelerated tool wear and an unacceptable product finish. Vibrations are also one of the biggest challenges for companies performing heavy machining operations.

Winsol specialises of shading devices, PVC and aluminium joinery work, roller blinds, rolling gates, garage doors, railings and indoor decoration. The company's objective was to investigate how specific products could be supplied with solar power, knowledge of which did not form part of the core expertise in-house. It approached Sirris for advice.
Veldeman Bedding in Opglabbeek, Limburg, is one of the major mattress and bed manufacturers in Europe. The company is working on a sustainable approach to its product and manufacturing processes and recently came out with their first circular collection.
As a manufacturer of aerospace parts, Sonaca is continuously searching for methods to reduce the weight of their products, either by materials selection or production technology.

SBM Offshore is a global group of companies developing systems and services to the offshore industry. Its constituent companies started their offshore activities in the early 1950s and SBM Offshore subsequently became a pioneer in the development of single point mooring (SPM) systems. The firm leases and operates floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, and is involved in the design and engineering, the construction, the installation, the operation and the life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry.

RSscan is a technology company that develops biomechanical measurement equipment and analysis software to objectively evaluate human motion. The footscan® pressure measuring system was launched in 1998 and has been deployed worldwide in the medical and retail sectors, and in biomechanical research centres. Applying more than 4,000 sensors per 50 cm, the system captures the pressure on the sole of the foot during motion, at a frequency of up to 500 Hz. For the end user, the analysis software converts the detailed data collected into useful metrics, such as the degree of overpronation (a condition in which foot rolling is uneven when running).


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