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Wuyts optimises and innovates product, production and company

Wuyts in Zandhoven specialises in the processing of materials and over the years it has developed a wide range of in-house products for a wide range of markets, including façade construction, street furniture, exterior joinery, bulletproof walls and, recently, designer furniture. In order to tackle the increasing complexity of its product range, Wuyts wanted to innovate and optimise its products, production and business.

External contributions

In order to cope with this increasing complexity, Wuyts gradually opened up to external influences and input. Sirris is one of the partners in several domains. Wuyts ordered a materials scan, took part in a study on recycling aluminium particles without melting, visits were set up in the context of improvement processes and the collaboration with subcontractors and partners was further explored. The knowledge gathered has now become visible: the entire production hall was rearranged, the flow in the production processes improved, planning and information flow were simplified, production cells were set up aimed at training (self-steering) teams, more natural daylight was brought in ... This also results in a more pleasant, lighter and greener working environment.

Waste processing

In terms of sustainable production steps were taken towards more selective waste processing. The additional knowledge about the processing methods of the specific waste flows revealed a potential for optimisation and improvement. It involved selecting the most appropriate partners for waste collection and processing, allowing each partner to fully dedicate to their core competencies. Whenever possible, the cycles are closed.


The company learned that opening up to ideas from outside the organisation really helps. It stimulates writing your own story, to help create and materialise the future. In many areas evolution is only possible through interactions and cooperation.