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Veldeman tests canvas for washability

Veldeman, established in Bree in Limburg, specialises in shade sails and canvas fabric structures made of a PVC fabric with a dirt repellent coating. To be able to provide recommendations to its customers on the use of cleaning products, Veldeman wanted to evaluate the abrasiveness of four detergents. The company approached Sirris for advice.


Sirris recommended a washability test in accordance with the ISO 11998 standard to simulate repeated cleaning cycles and to evaluate the chemical resistance of the protective coating. Sirris presented an evaluation method to simulate a realistic environment to test the wear and tear of the coating caused by the use and cleaning of the canvas. Detergent was applied on the canvas fabric and, next, subjected to 200 wet scrubbing cycles with an abrasive pad.

Fourfold check

After drying, the coating was visually checked for damage and the dirt repellency of the coating was checked by means of contact angle measurements. Microscopic evaluation of the samples showed no degradation or etching of the coating. The colour was also checked. The simulation test showed that none of the detergents had negatively affected the protective coating of the canvas.


All four evaluated detergents passed the washability test and can be regarded as safe products for the cleaning of Veldeman canvas.