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Stillemans accelerates new product launches in new markets

Stillemans has a long history of producing and marketing plastic profiles for the furniture industry, among many others. The company is now using its expertise for new innovative products and applications. Several areas of application are being investigated in the building trade, for example integration of led lighting. 


These new construction products obviously have to meet other regulations in terms of sustainability, energy impact, labelling, design, safety, choice of material, certification ... than the existing product range. Stillemans addressed Sirris and Agoria for support in this area.


A short visit with an expert helped to quickly identify the right regulations and standards applicable to their specific products, applications and markets. The Eco-compliance tools were used to this end.


This also resulted in a promising interaction. Stillemans quickly obtained the information it required and can now autonomously make the next moves. Catherine Stillemans: “These tools can be very useful if you approach completely new products (and new markets) and especially SMEs with a limited budget for product development. Receiving support for the start-up of new projects is definitely an asset. On the other hand, I am looking forward to a tool which makes us keep up-to-date with the legisation applicable to our products and which reports any amendments made in the regulations concerning our products once per quarter. For our large product range this could save quite some work and further reduce risks of non-compliance.” 

On the basis of their experience Sirris and Agoria managed to finetune and adjust the tools. The definitions were further explained to avoid incorrect interpretation of the questioning and areas of application (geographical, product groups ...) for the selected regulations were more explicitly phrased.