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State-of-the-art patent survey regarding technology that is essential at the start of the development

The Sirris Patent Cell has been active for 20 years. In 2017 the Patent Cell helped 215 companies and project managers, of which 144 had specific requests and 71 had extensive interventions. There are many companies that frequently turn to Sirris for information regarding Intellectual Property (IP).


The Patent Cell also supports the provision of information and raising of awareness. Presentations focusing on specific issues related to new technologies, such as additive manufacturing (AM) were organised for this purpose. Four short films with experts on this topic were made, focused on current topics. Various articles were published through various channels, including Techniline.  


Patent publications are unique sources of information. These provide information on technical solutions which are freely available because the IP rights are (no longer) exclusively held. The study of patents can be especially useful and inspiring at the start of a development project, but can also be required to make sure that no existing inventions are reproduced or to check whether the invention could be patented.


Wielandts UPMT SA, asked Sirris to research the newness of a production procedure, specifically the precision processing of moulds for medical products.


Haelvoet,  a healthcare bed manufacturer, requested that sensor technologies and smart algorithms were researched within the framework of their smart care bed, Smartbed