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Smart bracelet to keep an eye on children

Sirris is contributing to the development of a "nanny" system for child alert and monitoring using a connected bracelet.

Acas Technologies has created the brand Okido which offers products combining mobile apps and connected objects. It has developed an intelligent bracelet which avoid that parents lose their child on the beach, in a playground or supermarket, by alerting them when the child goes too far away.


The bracelet communicates using Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone app. The parent defines an area in advance within which the child can roam (up to 70 m). If the child goes too far away or loses their bracelet, an alarm is immediately triggered on the bracelet and on the smartphone. 


The Okido Play recharges very easily by USB, its bracelet is interchangeable and comes in several colours.


Every care has been taken to comply with personal data protection regulations. The developments of this new connected object have been supported by the Technological Cheques scheme of the Walloon Region.


The electronic part and the sensor were finalised by Multitel. Sirris was responsible for the packaging of the chip, the design of the bracelet and the industrialisation of the object.


A first phase of the project consisted of a feasibility study of the bracelet to validate the design and the materials:

  • Drafting of the technical specifications, with, in particular, adequate positioning of the electronics for good signal transmission and with the requirements of resistance, lightness, washability, ergonomics, and interchangeability.
  • CAD modelling, in particular seeking minimum bulk and visual identity integration
  • Choice of materials, especially regarding the hardness and flexibility of the bracelet (silicone)
  • Verification of various functions like protection against moisture
  • Production of prototypes of different types both for validating the concept and checking the shapes and their ergonomics and for optimising the design for the finishes, textures and colours.

The design evolved according to the development of the electronics part of the object which took place in parallel at Multitel.



A second phase of the project went further, with the modelling and manufacture of a good material pilot run for the PCB box and for the charger of the connected bracelet.


After establishing particular specifications, the boxes were modelled, and prototyped to validate the integration of the electronic components and assembly with the bracelet. A prototype mould was designed and produced and a demonstration good material pilot run was injected.



All the components were designed to be injectable and Sirris helped the company to find partners to manufacture and assemble them.


Today the Okido Play bracelet has started its marketing. It is sold on the Internet and was shown on television during the RTBF programme "On n'est pas des pigeons" (14.02.18).


Also, the company presented its product at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas and received several signs of interest for derived apps.