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M-Design Production halves delivery times and doubles turnover thanks to QRM

For some time now M-Design Production has been making the best high quality sheet metal products, but delivery scheduling and production planning were often a challenge. Therefore the company decided to take a different approach to the production department and by extension, the entire company. 


M-Design Production based in Zedelgem in Belgium specialises in laser cutting and bending sheet materials as well as metal welding. This SME offers high quality, customised sheet metal and welding work. The starting point of every product is the sheet material that is always held in stock. The company insists on keeping wastage to a minimum in order to offer competitive prices. Efficiency and lead times at each production stage are maximised, with design refinements occurring each step of the way.


There was still room for improvement at the production department: mainly delivery times and production planning proved to be pretty challenging. M-Design Production went in search of finding a way of improving delivery times and ended up talking to Sirris.

QRM in production and in the office

Jan Pauwels learned more about QRM (quick response manufacturing) by participating in one of our Masterclasses. He immersed himself in the strategy and also joined the QRM Alpha Specialist training course. This is how the changes that took place at the company were speeded up. M-Design Production went at full speed with implementing QRM in the production department, and with good results. In addition, a Q-ROC was launched at office level where one group was separated and face-to-face communication was instigated.


Even with just a few modifications taken from the QRM philosophy, within a couple of months M-Design was able to see an increase in turnover of more than 50 percent, while employing the same number of people. Order follow-up is now strictly managed and is much more transparent.


It must be possible to double the turnover with the same number of people, while simultaneously halving the lead times.