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L&D Jet Techniek develops new fixing technology for hybrid machining

L&D Jet Techniek specialised in mechanical machining by means of water jet cutting. This technology is suitable for fast cutting of large products. Basically any material can be cut using this technology. It is also used to cut fibre-strengthened composites because the technology ensures that delamination is prevented. For specific form elements, for example, when the material should not be entirely cut through, water jet cutting is not sufficient. 

Hybrid machine

L&D Jet Techniek has, therefore, put into service a hybrid machine that can combine milling and water jet cutting. This ensures that the advantages of both technologies are combined into a single system. L&D Jet Techniek can thus combine efficiency, speed and maximum product quality.


In an innovative project in cooperation with Sirris, the company has worked out a new fixing technology for these pieces and investigated which technology provided the better result for various tasks. Sirris offered the required support for this research.