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IT Goddeeris researches the possibilities for vibration free machining using simulation

Industrial supplier IT Goddeeris based in Roeselare (Belgium) specialises in the machining of large and complex precision parts (made of cast iron or aluminium) such as gearboxes, pump and compressor houses and large rotating parts. IT Goddeeris reached out to Sirris to find a way to mill large cast pieces vibration-free. Vibrations are, after all, one of the largest challenges for companies that perform heavy machining activities. 


Vibrations occur due to a combination of non-attenuated tools, incorrect cutting conditions and unstable machines and/or clamping set-ups. This ultimately leads to more waste, accelerated tool wear and an unacceptable product finish. 


In collaboration with Sirris, IT Goddeeris started a development project to perform the milling of large cast pieces using a vibration-free process. By combining a simulation tool such as CutPro with modelling and in-process measurements, Goddeeris wants to develop a better approach. The development is still usually a matter of trial-and-error. At the end of this project, IT Goddeeris wants to prepare the process in a more systematic manner to machine large pieces vibration-free and right the first time.