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Industrialisation of a concept for modular design objects

Eurogema has developed MYDO, a new concept for practical design objects which are 100% modular. Sirris provided the manufacture industrialisation.


MYDO is a new concept for small design furniture and decorative objects that can be modulated and have an aesthetic look and feel. The concept was devised from a 'do it yourself' perspective, which means that assembly without tools can be achieved by all. The components made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are supplied as a kit and are simply inserted into each other.


Eurogema, the company behind the idea, called in Sirris to industrialise the product. 





  • Selected the materials, mainly based on the applicable standards for this type of application. ABS was selected;
  • Drew up the product specifications;
  • Simulated the load of the product through the finite element method;
  • Simulated the injection moulding of the plastic (injection moulding nozzles, filling, warping, etc.);
  • Researched the required and adequate tolerances to ensure that the components to be assembled would be properly fastened;
  • Selected the adhesive product for the assembly of the premodules;
  • Manufactured the prototypes keeping validation in mind;
  • Supported the company at Belgian mould makers and casters;
  • Qualified the first injected moulded pieces.


The MYDO production is now up and running and the concept appeals to many customers.