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Increasing the effective yield of Calcium

Calcium is usually added to the melt in the form of a steel sheathed calcium wire to convert insoluble inter-metallic inclusions. Extending its melt time through the application of thin, nano-particle enhanced heat resistant /intumescent coatings will benefit the industry enormously as well as bringing much welcomed environmental and technological benefits.


The project aims to further increase the yield of the calcium by enabling a wider dispersion area in the ladle by developing a novel, articulating feed head to allow wire feed across the entire ladle cross-section.


Smart Coating Application Lab takes part in the development of specific heat-resistant coatings. Formulation properties will be managed in order to achieve desirable thickness and allow an application and curing within the customer processing line. Limitations regarding processability, curing conditions and  desired flexibility of the coating are hurdles to overcome. Application and testing is done on home-built setups to mimic the high temperature exposure conditions of the coatings.