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How new duct insulation can contribute to a healthier indoor environment

NMP nanoHVAC aims at developing a new duct insulation combined with new cleaning and maintenance technologies.


The main concepts are:

  • to apply an insulation material based on pure aeroclay or mixed with some amount of inorganic binder (alkaline alumino silicate = a zeolite precursor) and foamed on circular ducts (by wet spraying) and on square ducts (by precast panel).
  • to combine this insulation with technology to assure pathogen and allergenic removal during operation and maintenance and to reduce microbial growth


By development of anti-microbial, sprayable and self-adhesive photocatalytic coating on filters.


By development of an injectable coating consisting of a liquid polymer matrix containing antimicrobial nanoparticles for air ducts in situ maintenance activities.

  • To integrate this component and provide lab scale testing
  • To demonstrate and validate the concept


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