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Helioscreen: the sunscreen you'll never have to wash

Case study: Dirt repellent, protective easy to clean coating on Helioscreen sunscreens.

WHAT IF your sunscreen could remain

Screen  instead of   Screen dirt

  • It would save you an intensive cleaning step
  • It would extend the lifetime of your sunscreen 
  • It would allow for implementation of outdoor screens at high altitudes (e.g. skyscrapers)

Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab and Helioscreen have applied and tested several easy-to-clean and dirt-repellent coatings on Helioscreen sunscreens. 

Coated screens show increased dirt repellency as shown on following pictures: 

Helioscreen testing

Further testing related to durability and life-time expectation are currently ongoing at Helioscreen. The presentation given at the Smart Coatings workshop (14/01/2014) can be found on slideshare