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By-Cast optimises heat exchangers and their production

By-Cast in Tessenderlo is a Larsby Group company. It delivers heat exchangers globally under the brand name Deka. These cast iron air-heat exchangers are mainly used in the petrochemical industry where they are used for flue gas heat recovery. The heat exchangers consist of sheets with several fins.


The company wanted to increase the performance of these heat exchangers by increasing the heat transfer per kilogram of material. The fin geometry was optimised through simulation in close cooperation with KU Leuven, which resulted in thinner fins.

Volume reduction of 13 percent

To determine whether this new geometry could also be cast using the By-Cast casting system, the company asked Sirris to provide their knowledge and know-how. Together they determined that the new geometry could be realised provided a few modifications were made to the casting system and equipment. The thinner fins also required an improvement and higher precision of the shaping procedure. The modifications to the production process did not only ensure that the new design could be cast, but also decreased the production errors, the required material and the fuel consumption.

The volume of the new design is 13 percent lower, but the operation, both thermally and hydraulically, has improved. This innovation means that By-Cast is ahead of the competition and that it can offer more compact solutions at a 17 percent lower cost to its customers. The new design, moreover, also has potential for new markets such as biomass plants.