Rapid, cost efficient, high quality prototype and end product 3D printing

This new open platform with its user-friendly operator station provides additive manufacturing with free selection of building materials, variable building speeds and high levels of accuracy. The first on-site installation of this new application took place at Sirris’ premises in Liège and is now available for use.

In addition to experience, expertise and a partner network, Sirris also makes its high-tech testing infrastructure available to companies. The recently deployed DLP Station 5 with Operator Station from Dutch company Atum3D is undoubtedly an asset as it will make preparations for 3D printing much easier. 

The DLP Station offers an attractive combination of a high building speeds up to 90 mm/hour, 50 µm x,y resolution with substantial building space, the ability to select any building material and the practicality of the Operator Station software. What is also remarkable, is that the MAGS AI technology makes it possible to orientate and support an item based on the user’s instructions concerning which parts of the surface should not be supported. The algorithm takes account of the item’s geometry, as well as the properties of the resin.

Developing new applications and materials

This set-up allows us to demonstrate to companies that it is possible to quickly and cost-efficiently create high quality prototypes and end products with wide-ranging material properties and also develop new applications.

The equipment was acquired within the context of the Interreg PolyValve project for printing material developed by the University of Liège. For a year now we have been helping companies develop new powders for SLS with the Prodways P1000 equipment, and from now on we can also provide support for developing new SLA/DLP resins.

Author: Maxime Legrand