Putting recent Factory 4.0 project activities into the picture

Interreg Factory 4.0

The newsletters from the Interreg project Factory 4.0 keep you up to date with the latest developments, events and testimonials. An overview of the most recent items. 

In the most recent Factory 4.0 newsletter you can find a report about a workshop on technology building blocks, with the theme 'Industry of the Future', which was held in Lille on 2 July. The Interreg Factory 4.0 project partners took the floor in the presence of 65 participants. 

A second report looks back at the second stage of the Demonstrator Tour Factory 4.0 on 18 September at CITC, the Centre d’Innovation des Technologies sans Contact (Centre for Innovation in Contactless Technologies), in Lille. The event allowed members, partners, advisers and companies to get to know the CITC demonstrators, including those dedicated to the European Interreg Factory 4.0 project. 

This newsletter also includes a testimony from the French EMS company, which has been designing and manufacturing cabins for 40 years. This company, which moved two years ago, wanted to optimise the installations of its new building and the material flows and could rely on Factory 4.0 guidance to increase its productivity. 

Would you like to know more? You can find the complete Factory 4.0 newsletter here!