Putting guidelines into practice - 4.0 made real by Sirris

Keeping track of performed manufacturing operations is mandatory in almost every certification and quality process. In the past this resulted in a giant paper stack. Our new manufacturing system will use  an electronic identity or eID.

All physical and critical components require a log, passport or electronic identity (eID), stating the manufacturing steps from raw material to final product. This eID will therefore not only contain the characteristics of the final product, but also all executed operations (and their evaluation). The presence of an eID is mandatory in almost every certification and quality process. In the past, this log took the shape of a giant paper stack growing with each operation, but nowadays digital solutions are being sought.
For additive manufactured parts some guidelines were already defined, but many challenges and questions remain when trying to put guidelines into practice:

  • Quality inspection elements or testimonial elements should be added, in order to inspect building quality. But how many should be added, in which orientation, at which positions, … ?
  • Which data should be logged (and which sensors used) to obtain a complete picture of the building process?
  • Which data is significant and should be shared throughout the value chain?
  • How does one evaluate previous operations, even if they are performed by suppliers? 

These practical issues have to be solved in order to really integrate additive manufacturing into serial production. Within our new manufacturing system we will develop and introduce an eID.

Building block: eID - Gateway to certification 

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