Proposal for new ISO standards for Industry 4.0

New standardisation proposals are being launched for a number of ISO standards originating from the TC184 (Automation Systems & Integration) and TC299 (Robotics) committees managed by Sirris and Agoria. Examine the list and find out how you can contribute!

New standardisation proposals are regularly launched. These concern both new standards and amendments to existing standards. At least five countries must participate in a new work proposal. You obviously have the most influence when you collaborate from the start.

You can contribute: 

  • By participating in the working group that develops the standard
  • By formulating your point of view and comments during public consultations (enquiry/ DIS and optional formal vote/FDIS). 

In both cases, you must be a member of the national standardisation committee. 

New standardisation proposals are being launched for the following ISO standards from committees managed by Sirris and Agoria:  

ISO/TC 184/SC 5 Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications

ISO/NP TR 16161

Automation systems and integration - Use case of capability profiles for cooperation between manufacturing software units


ISO/TC 299 Robotics

ISO/NP 18646-4

Robotics - Performance criteria and related test methods for service robots - Part 4: Wearable robots