Product Development Hub, designing your future products

Tomorrow's products are smaller, lighter and smarter. Their development is based on mastering new technologies and comprises many challenges. To support you in developing innovative products, Sirris has created the Product Development Hub. The meeting point of all the latest skills, technologies and equipment to answer your needs.
All sectors of the manufacturing industry can seek support at Sirris. From start-ups and SMEs to the R&D departments of major companies.

Your future products will be light, micro and smart. In the Product Development Hub our experts help companies to create innovative products and support them in the rapid development of proofs of concept in the field of:

To know more and evaluate the potential of your product, contact our experts.

From concept to industrialisation

The Hub supports the companies through each phase of product creation: from concept to the first steps of industrialisation.

  • Assistance from establishing the specifications;
  • Computer assisted design (3D modelling, virtual prototyping, topological optimisation);
  • Manufacture of functional demonstrators;
  • Manufacture of qualification pilot runs;
  • Support in the industrialisation phase (finding suppliers, establishing costs, etc.)

Complementarity and multidisciplinarity

The unique offer of the Product Development Hub is characterised by its complementarity and multidisciplinarity

  • Unique combination of light, micro and smart advantages for the same product
  • The Hub is neutral and complimentary. 
  • Multidisciplinary and versatile team of experts 
  • The same address for product concept and the production of an embodied proof of concept.

6 labs with the latest equipment and technologies

  • Concept Lab: for shaping your ideas for light, micro and smart products by 3D design, digital modelling and IOT platform
  • Machining Lab: for embodying by machining and micro machining demonstrators, proofs of concept and prototype tools
  • Micro Lab: for offering a panel of expertise at micro scale, printed electronics, micro assembly and micro 3D printing 
  • Plastics Lab: for achieving product development in plastic by functional pilot runs in industrial manufacturing conditions using innovative moulding technologies
  • Hybrids Lab: for developing multi-material applications, combining plastics with composites or metal, in view of lightening and using materials rationally
  • Smart Labfor experiencing the increased functionalities and value created by an interconnected smart product  

A team of 20 experts

The Product Development Hub, located in Liège, is composed of more than 20 highly qualified engineers and technicians. 

The Hub team constantly renews its experience by taking part in research projects the knowledge of which can then be applied to the industrial consultancy.

Altogether, for its clients and with its partners, the Hub takes part in some tens of innovation projects a year.

Please contact Eric Beeckman to know more about what the Product Development Hub can mean for your product.