Preview: the very first TechStack Belgium Open Space!

Open and free discussions with your peers about all kinds of stacks... You will soon be able to do so at the very first TechStack Belgium Open Space!

Ideas for building and operating digital services, such as SaaS products and online market places, I'm sure you’re interested. Microservices, graphql, react, lambda functions... the digital technology landscape has been booming in recent years. Today, you can build apps that conquer the world with just a small team. At least, in theory. What happens in practice? Who uses all these novelties, or is it just a hype?

Reality behind buzzwords

To provide an answer, Sirris organises the very first TechStack Belgium Open Space, which means a whole afternoon of sparring with peer developers on topics you have suggested yourself. You, as a participant, are indeed helping to set the agenda. When you register, you specify various topics (technical, organisational, etc.) related to building digital services. A few days before the event, you will be able to vote for the topics you would like to know more about.

A la carte

How do these sessions work in practice? Expect a combination of traditional presentations and an open space with break-out rooms. As an introduction, you will hear about the results of the first TechStack Belgium survey in avant-premiere. Then there will be an interactive part: in several break-outs you can discuss with other participants according to the format of the well-known Open Space Technology.

An ideal opportunity to talk freely, exchange experiences, get inspired ... What stacks do others use? What are the issues? What trends should you keep an eye on? There are lots of questions.

The first TechStack Belgium Open Space will take place on 20 May 2021.
Interested? Come and think out of the box with us. Register now!


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