Precision manufacturing Lab

Since 2014, the machine room of Sirris’s Diepenbeek site has been kitted out with a Precision Manufacturing Lab, complete with an environmental chamber.

This new unit for precision components features:

  • a Fehlmann Versa 825 five-axis precision milling machine offering a high degree of precision – to within micrometres;
  • extremely accurate Erowa workholding systems;
  • a Mitutoyo Apex-S coordinate-measuring machine;
  • a climate-controlled chamber.

A few details:

  • Products can be milled with a precision of up to 3 μm
  • Working range of the milling machine: X 820 mm, Y 700 mm, Z 450 mm
  • Spindle properties: 20,000 rpm, 24 kW and 120 Nm at 50-1,920 rpm
  • Precision workholding with repeat precision to within microns
  • CNC-aided measurement (scanning) can be performed using CAD drawings
  • Measurement precision: 1.7 μm + 0.3 L/100 μm (L in mm)

Our Precision Manufacturing services

Sirris is offering interested companies the chance to explore the possibilities offered by its new unit, with the following options:

  • preparing prototype precision components for new applications;
  • trying out precision milling technology, with an eye to making their own investments;
  • getting feasibility and cost management advice on precision components.

In partnership with Agoria, KU Leuven, VUB, Fraunhofer and WZL Aachen, Sirris can also offer you access to other precision technologies, including diamond boring, ultrasonic grinding, micro-EDM, electrochemical machining, laser-guided boring and milling, polishing and ELID grinding.

Excelling through precision manufacturing - six white papers show you how!

Precision manufacturing - an opportunity to excell Increasing demands on the mechanical components of today's high-tech products require the application of more advanced materials and precision manufacturing technologies beyond current manufacturing capabilities. To be able to successfully compete in a global market in the future, you have to seize the opportunities precision has to offer. Sirris will show you how in six white papers.

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