Polymar makes stirrups from multi-materials

Polymar specialises in plastics, but wanted to extend its product range for equestrian sports with items made from multi-materials. It was able to turn to Sirris for testing and guidance.

Based in Nijvel in Belgium, Polymar was established in 1980 by Jacques Guily who was fascinated by polymers and innovative designs. The family company specialises in thermoplastic injection moulding and has evolved over the years to become the leading player in its field thanks to the many references the company has acquired in a wide range of sectors, including components for electronics, biomedical materials, equestrian sports (Compositi), design, the automotive sector, the construction sector and the foodstuffs industry.


Polymar has designed its own range of products for equestrian sports under the Compositi brand. The company has already introduced a number of innovations including personalised stirrups. There are also currently a number of developments for stirrups in the pipeline. In order to guarantee good product quality, Polymar called on Sirris to carry out strength and fatigue tests. Sirris was not only responsible for various material tests done in the testing laboratories for improving new and existing products, but also for the support and advice made available for the development of new products.


The new stirrups have a different design and the choice of materials was also modified. It was decided to opt for a combination of plastic and metal components. Sirris turned out to be the perfect partner because it has in-house expertise in both areas.

Products are specifically designed at the moment with a steel core over which the plastic is sprayed. Together with Polymar we will be looking at how to improve the adhesion between the metal inserts and the plastic ('multi-material joining'). The metal inserts will be coated ('over-moulded') by way of plastic injection moulding in order to achieve the synergy between design and strength. This allows the strength of the metal and the resiliency of the plastic to be combined, with the aim of integrating and improving the comfort and shock absorbency in the products.

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