Participate in an innovative corporate network of smart, connected products!

Smart, connected products offer opportunities for added value, but they also bring new challenges that have an impact on companies. Sirris, imec and Centexbel-VKC set up an innovative business network (IBN) aimed at helping product manufacturers, technology providers and suppliers. 

Smart, connected products often require new knowledge and skills, are associated with increased complexity and need for increasing specialisation, and require new or closer collaboration in the value chain. The trick is to create added value through smart products that can be scaled up and offered at the right cost. This opens up new opportunities, but also requires the necessary adjustments within companies. The successful introduction and integration of new technology combinations and the scaling up of smart products are a major challenge, which requires an appropriate organisation and approach.

By and for companies  

Sirris, imec and Centexbel-VKC are providing support by setting up a cluster or innovative business network. This is a learning network by and for companies, with knowledge institutions that coach, moderate and help in setting up (new) collaborations and projects, allowing members to take on challenges faster and better and thus acquire competitive advantage over the competition on a global scale.  

The network focuses on companies in the value chain of smart products: product manufacturers, technology providers and suppliers (HW/embedded systems and electronics, IoT/cloud, plastics companies and textile companies), both SMEs and large(r) companies. 

5 reasons to take part

  • Inspiration and information go together. Therefore, as a cluster member you are regularly informed about new knowledge domains and technologies, applications by means of thematic sessions, roadmaps, seminars, networking, etc. This will help you make better decisions, avoid risks and enable faster go-to-market. 
  • The cluster helps the members to map out their individual needs and topics. Experts support you in forming a vision of the future and identifying what is important for your scale-up.
  • The cluster offers you a local platform, where you can set up targeted collaboration with other companies and specialists and where your own experts can go for advice. You can learn how others deal with the problem of upscaling.
  • As a cluster member, you gain more insight into the value chain for scaling up smart products. This in a learning network. It allows companies to jointly discover who can take on which role within the value chain. In this high-end marketplace, companies who want to move from a passive to a smart product can efficiently get acquainted with the broad value chain of specialist suppliers. The knowledge institutes play a moderating role and act as neutral, critical sounding board.
  • From the cluster we help companies to detect the right subsidy frameworks for individual, collaborative or collective research. In addition, we also help with the design of the concept for such a subsidy project.  

Do you want to participate or do you want further information about this cluster initiative? Contact Luc Coppers or Bas Rottier before 16 March.