Our ADD Expertise

Engineering for AM

The sky is the limit with Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing. The charms of this technology can be found in the design and in the high degree of complexity of the printed pieces. The items can be infinitely personalised so that they meet your needs. We implement finite element simulations, topological optimisations and production simulations for the CAD of your design. Sirris will ensure that your design is adapted to the possibilities of AM to make sure you get the most out of this technology. For example, from a lower production price and lead time for your complex products, to a lighter component with more functionalities. Always with your budget and deadline in mind.


A qualitative end product starts with qualitative base materials. The choice of materials and up-front material validations are therefore an essential part of 3D printing. At Sirris, we print with metal, polymers and ceramics. We assist you in making this choice and take into account your technical requirements, budget and the possible applications of the end product. We help you translate your design into a choice of materials and help you find a printable material. If you want, we can als develop and validate new materials until we can use them for your application. The possibilities are endless, the choice is yours.

3D-printing process

And then it’s time to print. The challenge in this step lies in defining the right set of parameters for the machine, because these have a direct influence on the quality of the end product. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know perfectly which parameters we have to tweak in order to achieve high-quality production with a given material and design on the AM machine. In doing so, we go for a first-time-right approach to your production. Our expertise enables us to tackle your printing challenges efficiently and quickly.


Once the pieces have been printed, it’s a matter of finishing. The printed pieces are cleaned and post-treated. Depending on the applications, the process and the material, a heat treatment or other post-treatment is required. Using mechanical, chemical or laser-based techniques, the parts can be finished uniformly. Or we can just rework very specific zones. By means of post-processing, we can smooth out the surface and add material properties. We also combine other techniques such as high-precision machining and laser technology to add the right tolerances and functionalities to the surface. Our experience in these technologies combined with our AM knowledge means that we can guide you quickly and efficiently and that you will soon find the right solution to post-process your 3D printed parts.

Quality assurance

You know which design you want to print 3D, with which materials and printer, and how you want to finish it. Are you absolutely ready to go for it, but still worried about the quality guarantees of your product? In our accredited test labs we can extensively test your product so that you can guarantee the quality of the 3D printed piece. After all, today we have to take into account a hundred or so factors that affect the quality of the 3D printed part. That is why we help you to determine the quality parameters and advise you about the set-up of quality monitoring in your production. The technology to monitor quality is developing at a fast pace and no longer gives you any reasons to stay behind.

Integration on the factory floor

Once you have discovered the added value of Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing, the door is open to applying it in new applications and on your own factory floor. By including 3D printing in your production equipment, you will go a step further than the prototype applications and use it as a fully-fledged production technology. By integrating AM you can shorten your turnaround time and with the first-time-right principle we keep this process as cheap as possible. We also provide training so that you can integrate 3D technology into your product development and production chain, and start working with AM in-house. In this way, you can optimise your production and make it ready for the future.

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