Ever wondered if your technology stack is on par with your ambitions?

Sirris’ Tech Stack Review™ provides you with an unbiased and technology neutral view of your current technology stack, development practices and product management approaches.

As a SaaS company, you want to grow fast, serve more customers and speed up the rollout of your innovations.

Sirris’ Tech Stack Review™ offers you the means to do it.

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Reduce your technological fears thanks to our in-depth review of your tech stack, carried out by experts in the field.
The check is well worth it because it’s:

Fast and actionable

Fast and actionable

It only takes two workshops – one with the management team and one with the development team – to gain valuable insight into where you are. Results are presented via a comprehensive report and a face-to-face meeting.


Technology Neutral

Technology neutral

The truth: there is no such thing as the ‘best’ technology. It all depends on how and why your current stack is used, which is exactly what we help you discover. 




We take what you have even further, placing it within the context of the state-of-art in technology, agile and lean software engineering, Cloud and SaaS.

The result? You will return home with practical tips, advice and actionable to-dos to implement and improve your technology stack and SaaS business.

You should focus on what makes your software unique. Leave all the rest to APIs and open source tools.
Nick Boucart (Sirris)

Who’s it for?

Sirris’ Tech Stack Review™ is aimed at both large and small software companies using on premise or cloud-based/SaaS software systems. During the workshops, participation from management and technical staff is required.

The Team

Nick Boucart

Nick Boucart

Senior Advisor Software Engineering & ICT

Prior to working with Sirris, Nick developed software products at Siemens and EMC.

Today, Nick coaches dozens of startups and scaleups with their product management, technology stacks and development processes.

+32 498 91 93 40


Olivier Biot

Olivier Biot

Senior Project Manager Software Engineering & ICT

Olivier Biot specialises in identifying innovation opportunities and bottlenecks. He focuses on developing (international) industry-driven research projects. He maintains a multidisciplinary and multitechnology perspective and is able to communicate in several languages within an international context.

+ 32 498 91 93 84


Anna Hristoskova

Anna Hristoskova

Senior Engineer, PhD

Anna joined the Cloud computing & SaaS team of Sirris’s Software Engineering Group in November 2016. This position allows her to utilise and expand her research & innovation management and coordination skills, industrial valorisation potential and technological knowledge within the cloud computing & IoT domain.

+ 32 485 84 00 41


Thierry Coutelier

Thierry Coutelier

Smart Products Senior Expert

Thierry is our specialist on smart products.

+32 496 61 01 41


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