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All Events extends temporary accommodation to multifunctional concept

The family business All Events, based in Zedelgem in West Flanders (Belgium), hires out temporary infrastructure solutions for events, such as chalets for Christmas markets and overnight accommodation for festivals. However, it needed to adjust both the design and the product to be able to expand internationally.

  • Alternative choice of materials and product design
  • Many built-in advantages
  • Modular concept as a basis for versatile platform

For All Events, the wooden chalets that can be found at nearly any Christmas market also form the basis for temporary accommodation it rents out at festivals and other major events. Given the increasing tendency for events and festivals to 'go global' and the growing interest abroad for such accommodation pushed the company into taking action. This demanded adjustments to be made to both the product and the design to enable the easy transportation and swift assembly and dismantling of as many units as possible. Other action points were the quality and sustainability of the product, along with the comfort it has to offer, involving for example incorporating extra functions.

Assessment of the material and the design

All Events sought advice in this regard from Sirris and VKC-Centexbel. This collaborative project looked at the choice of materials, the product design and the business strategy. An evaluation of the design and choice of materials revealed that replacing wood with steel, aluminum and composites made other designs and rental concepts possible. Sirris provided advice on the further elaboration of the new concept (called ‘Festicabin’), associated services and the selection of a strategic partner for practical implementation.

A stack of benefits

The design and structure of the new cabins for temporary overnight accommodation mean they are not only pleasant to use but can also be set up quickly and easily. Furthermore, they can in the space of just a few minutes be collapsed into compact, easily stackable units fitting neatly in large numbers into a freight container or trailer. Moreover, the structure is sturdy, windproof and fire-retardant and all kinds of functions can be added to it, including lighting, locks, electronics, and tent connections. The materials and components used minimize waste and are sustainable and recyclable.

Multifaceted platform

Sirris helped the company with further working on the product itself and with developing the basis for a platform that makes a variety of configurations possible, depending on the requirements of the relevant application. The design that has been developed is a modular one, and offers a great deal of potential in terms of its use, application, configuration and extension. This means that at a later stage All Events can also further expand its business activities based on this unique concept.

The cabin design offers numerous possibilities: as well as overnight accommodation, not only can the cabins be used as stalls for traders but they can also serve as temporary shelters or lodgings following a natural disaster, for instance, as the units can be brought to a location and set up there quickly and easily, while offering the basic level of comfort required.

As a result, All Events not only has a new, promising product in its range, but can also use its existing platform to further expand its future horizons.