Tangible User Interfaces: Something for Your Product?

The IWT TETRA TIII project, led by the Industrial Design Center of the howest (Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen), deals with tangible, intuitive, interactive interfaces (TIII). These are interfaces (and controllers) that connect the virtual world with the physical world. Well-known examples of such interfaces are the Microsoft Surface interactive table, the Nintendo Wii controller and the Reactable.

As member of its user group, Sirris has the opportunity to steer the results of that project in function of the challenges of the Belgian industry.

The goal of the TIII project is to start a platform that supports the design and development of these types of interfaces and controllers. This platform will offer a network of partners (educational institutions, companies and organizations) and relevant tools (methods and a toolbox) to explore the possibilities of TIIIs and support their design process.

In this context, the TIII project organized a one-day conference on September 11th 2012 in Sirris facilities. This conference covered various TIII aspects, including the use of smart textiles, the use of depth-sensing cameras, and the use of Arduino as a tool for interactive interfaces. Sirris gave a presentation of the human-machine interaction research within the ASTUTE and SmarcoS projects. Furthermore, during the interactive demonstrations visitors got the opportunity to test and evaluate smart products involving TIII design.

All the presentations are available on the TIII website.