Sirris Organized The 3rd VariBru Gathering

On November 17 Sirris organized a third industrial gathering in the context of the VariBru project. This biannual gathering brought together 13 Belgian companies to discuss about challenges related to building and dealing with a software product that needs to fulfill the very specific, and often conflicting, needs coming from its broad and diverse range of customers. Such challenges might be due because different market segments are targeted with the same product, because the product has to comply with different regional regulations, because the product has to integrate with different infrastructure present at customers, etc. This event offered companies the possibility to meet experts in this domain, get advice on their specific challenges, and discover the technologies that are being developed within VariBru to address some of these challenges.

The event featured a keynote by Frank van der Linden. Frank, a worldwide renowned expert on Software Product Lines working at Philips Healthcare in the Netherlands, talked about how to structure the development of a large software system by proactively reusing development artifacts such as requirements, features, algorithms, tests, etc. Software Product Lines achieve this by promoting the distinction between Domain Engineering and Application Engineering. However, large systems are often structured in different layers forming a hierarchy of components. Frank argued in favor of taking into account the component hierarchy when documenting the variability of a component, and illustrated how this concept is applied at Philips Healthcare.

The next gathering will take place on April 24. Stay tuned!