How new technologies help to improve quality of life

What springs to mind when you think about quality of life and cutting-edge technologies such as connected sensors, smart textiles and intelligent algorithms? Look at how several companies from different sectors use these new technologies to help improve our way of living during our Sirris networking conference.

What is quality of life?

‘Quality of life’ is a term used to describe an individual’s or group’s general level of well-being. It covers a host of characteristics, including physical and mental health, leisure and recreation, social interaction and the qualities of the surrounding environment. With the advent of certain new technologies, an abundance of innovations have sprung up that focus on improving and maintaining quality of life:

  • Miniaturized sensors in fitness trackers give us the insight we need to adopt healthier lifestyles and be more active.
  • Energy-efficient wireless communication tools enable electrical systems, lights, blinds and everyday devices to adapt to our changing environments.
  • Smart helmets and textiles keep us safer and more visible in traffic.
  • Self-learning algorithms in thermostats and ventilation systems automatically maintain an optimal temperature and air quality levels without intervention, and with minimal maintenance.

Mix with the experts and your peers at Sirris’ networking conference
We’ve invited industry players, tech experts and representatives of SMEs to discuss their products and demonstrate how they contribute to a better quality of life at a networking conference taking place in Brussels on 28 June. Speakers will also present future challenges and foster discussion about possible ways of overcoming them.

Rub elbows, forge relationships
Ample time will be reserved at the end of the conference for attendees, speakers and booth holders to meet, greet, interact and share experiences. Discover the latest life-bettering innovations, find like-minded people and generate new opportunities for growth.

Take a look at the programme and register for the conference.