EdTech scaleups boosting in Europe

EdTech - short for 'Education Technology' - is a small but important segment of the startup and scaleup ecosystem. EdTech is driving the biggest educational innovation in an industry that didn’t change much over the years: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are becoming the new normal at universities. But EdTech is much more than that.

Take for instance Norwegian Kahoot!, making it easy to create, play and share fun learning games in minutes - for any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages and used by millions each day in over 180 countries. The company raised 9,000,000 euro in September 2016 from Microsoft Ventures among others and is a part of the Texas based Capital Factory accelerator.

Another example is Oxford spin-off Classlist, a virtual schoolgate where parents at the same school can contact each other securely about anything, from lost property to playdates. The company raised 1,000,000 euro through crowdfunding.

A third example is the Belgian initiative Datacamp, a young team of data analytics enthusiasts that provide free interactive data science and statistics education to the world. The company raised 2,000,000 euro to date to scale their company globally.

Our infographic shows the situation of EdTech scaleups in Europe in 2016.