Announcing The 4th VariBru Gathering

Jari Partanen, Head of Quality and Environment at Elektrobit Wireless Business Segment (Finland), will be in Brussels on April 24 in order to give a keynote about how Elektrobit is dealing with variability at the product and process levels:

Combining an Organization-Wide Lean Way of Working with Product Variability: Thoughts from Elektrobit Cockpit

Continuous Planning and Transparency are relevant topics for many companies. They enable improved ability to identify incremental and continuous product developments and allow an enterprise to be more lean and agile. At the same time Continuous Planning and Product Variability have to be developed tightly together, and are an increasingly important subject for improvement. In addition, there are many paths for improvement to choose.

It seems however that no single solution is available as it also requires the cultural commitment to continuous change and every organization has to find its way to make it. This talk will highlight how Elektrobit is dealing with all this.

This keynote will be given in the context of the next VariBru gathering, which will take place on April 24, 2012, from 12:30 until 15:00, at the Diamant Building, Bd. A. Reyerslaan, 80, 1030 Brussels.

VariBru —a project supported by Innoviris and by the Brussels region in the context of the Impulse Program for ICT— brings together experts from the Brussels research community to work on industrially relevant solutions to help companies:

  • Streamline the value of their product portfolio
  • Support more complex configurations and serve more customers with less programming
  • Generate new products by composing and reusing features
  • Build products that adapt to changing contexts, without added complexity
  • Tame the complexity of their database
  • Transform a complex product into an ecosystem of apps (or smaller applications)

During this event, you will be able to

  • Meet experts in the domain
  • Discover new potentially relevant technologies
  • Get advice on your challenges
  • Share experiences with other companies

The event is free and includes a walking lunch. Registration is mandatory.

Looking forward to seeing you there!