New edition of Sirris mastercourse 'Data Innovation beyond the Hype'

Data are flooding almost all sectors of our economy. That is why an increasing number of innovations is based on managing and interpreting (available) data, which are collected by various means. Are you eager to find out what data innovation can mean for your company, products, services and technology? Discover it during our new edition of our mastercourse cycle 'Data Innovation beyond the Hype', starting in January 2019.

Using data science to its full potential

Nowadays, talking about data science - the science which studies the smart use of digital data - inevitably leads us to discuss internet giants Google, Amazon and Facebook. However, data science can be extremely valuable for innovations within the industry, even within SMEs.

Data science makes it possible to acquire new insights based on experimental data, to profile products and customers, optimise production processes, predict machine failure and set up data-oriented start-ups. The importance of data usage will only increase in the years ahead, that much is clear.

Wide but dedicated scope

In this context the Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris (EluciDATA Lab) will organise a new edition of its mastercourse cycle 'Data Innovation beyond the Hype', starting in January 2019, which will deal with the different aspects of data innovation. Each session of the mastercourse offers a pragmatic and industry-oriented introduction to data-driven innovation, and will also discuss specific topics. The new cycle can be followed in its entirety (by registering for all sessions) or you can just follow the separate session(s) you are interested in.

Here are the topics and dates of the different courses. Are you interested to take part? Click on the session(s) you wish to attend for all further information, practical details and registration: