New additive manufacturing group kick-off

The final breakthrough of 3D printing is about to happen. That is why Agoria launches a new group on additive manufacturing, which it will present at the “Additive is addictive” event on 28 June. Sirris will also make a contribution.  

Additive manufacturing is a hot topic and still remains a challenge for companies. After years of research (together with Sirris) Agoria actively wants to support the domain of additive manufacturing, not just the suppliers, but also the (current and future) users of this technology.

At the event in Brussels, participants will gain an insight in the 3D printing market, meet companies with experience in this technology and start-ups offering support in this sector. Industrial users such as Asco and Barco will take the stage, while matchmaking for start-ups is also on the agenda. The keynote is reserved for HP. 

With its years of experience, 20 experts and large infrastructure for additive manufacturing Sirris has helped many companies and continues to actively invest in the further evolution of this domain, such as the use thereof in a production line. This initiative is met with great joy and will be fully supported by Sirris. At the launching event Sirris will give a presentation about additive manufacturing as a drive for scale-up.

Do you want to join us on 28 June? The programme and the registration forms are available here.