Methodology in 6 steps for additive manufacturing design

Additive manufacturing (AM) presents unprecedented opportunities as a production technology. However, when aiming to make optimal use of the AM potential, product designers will have to think and act differently. How can they adjust the methodology of the design process to the specific liberties and restrictions of AM? Sirris gives answers in a new e-book. 

Traditionally, product designers always tend to take into account the restrictions of the conventional production technology. In the context of AM, however, this attitude will leave lots of opportunities unexplored. Designers therefore have to make the switch from thinking in extrusions, sweeps and revolves to thinking in geometrical freedom and complexity. An adjusted design methodology is therefore essential.

A general design methodology

In the free e-book ‘Design for additive manufacturing: a feasible methodology’ Sirris offers a general design methodology for AM in six phases:

  1. Defining product specifications
  2. Generating ideas and concepts
  3. Concept reflection and selection
  4. Optimisation
  5. Detailed elaboration of the design
  6. Reflection and requirements

This approach is based on the ‘global design process’ and does not take into account specific technologies or materials. It aims to be first of all an inspiration and an addition to the usual design methodology within your organisation.

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