MCT as metric for improving your operations and your supply chain

On 22 October Value Chain is organising a half-day hands-on masterclass, which will define Rajan Suri's innovative time-based metric MCT, provide a business case for the use of MCT, and show you how to use MCT Mapping - a powerful tool to identify and communicate improvement opportunities and convince management.

In partnership with colleagues from several major corporations, Suri has developed the concept of Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT), a precise time-based metric for continuous improvement in operations and supply chains. This metric highlights improvement opportunities by clearly quantifying system-wide waste. The metric can be used for both your internal operations as well as for your supply chain.
The masterclass will include 'hands-on' sessions where attendees will work on numerical examples to understand how to calculate MCT correctly, how to create MCT Maps, and also learn some 'tips & tricks' to deal with situations where data is not readily available.

On the agenda

  • MCT definition and examples explaining how to use the definition properly
  • How MCT affects the performance of both your business and your supply chain
  • The surprising impact of MCT reduction on cost, quality and on-time delivery
  • Justification of MCT as a unified, enterprise-wide metric for continuous improvement
  • Numerical examples of MCT calculation in internal operations and the supply chain
  • Using MCT Mapping to communicate opportunities and convince management
  • Differences between MCT Mapping and Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Using MCT to rethink strategy for Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Implementing the innovative strategy of Time-Based Dual Sourcing

This masterclass will take place in Ghent on 22 October, aiming at Senior Executives and Managers in Operations, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Planning and Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement managers and staff.

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