Masterplan Innovation as a framework for the future of the technology industry

To support companies in their efforts to gain insight and understand the major trends in technology, Sirris and Agoria have provided them with an overview of macro-trends that should be considered as crucial for the Belgian technological industry: the Masterplan Innovation.

A vision by and for industry

Out of the input gained from more than 120 industrial entrepreneurs and companies, combined with more than 200 studies and roadmaps, Sirris and Agoria distilled the Masterplan Innovation. This Masterplan will serve as a practical framework in which companies can develop new ideas for their future innovations. The plan's vision takes into account societal, as well as economic and technological trends.

Business - product - factory of the future

The structure of the plan was built around three basic components that are well-known in industry: companies do business, for which they develop products and services, and these products and services have to be made. 

Each component has different trend flows and each trend flow presents several models with different levels of impact. These models provide a specific description of what the implications could be for a company, when taking into account its context and the level of ambition present.

The starting point for the Masterplan Innovation is the 'business of the future', the 'product of the future' and the 'factory of the future', and the intense correlation between these three:

When defining the 'business of the future', the impacts of society, economy and technology on how companies are creating, capturing and delivering value towards their customers should be taken into consideration.

Defining the 'products/services of the future' implies that considering the question of which functions and features will be needed to be successful in the future economy and markets. What functions and features will be needed to sustain the future society or will be enabled by future technology? Or more importantly, what new product and services could be necessary or possible?

To be able to know what the 'factory of the future' stands for, the basic questions that have to be answered are related to what future capacities this factory requires, when taking into account the current evolutionary process. The same goes for more challenging questions dealing with the ability to manufacture the products of the future within the context of businesses of the future.

A framework

This Masterplan contains a vision of industrial innovation. It does not have the ambition to be complete, but it is rather a reflection of what companies find important when they consider future innovations and what they see as “worth consideration” when making plans for the near future. When developing new ideas for future innovations, companies can use this Masterplan Innovation as a framework for discussion and a source of inspiration.

You can read and download the summary of the Masterplan Innovation here!



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