Many (robot)hands make light work - 4.0 made real by Sirris


In our factory 4.0 people will be assisted by machines. That’s why we created a polishing cell where a cobot and an employee can work together on the same project. 

We've decided to create a 'cobot polishing cell' in which a collaborative robot will assist the expert polisher in polishing moulds and components. The robot performs the repetitive and 'easy' operations, while the expert focuses on the difficult parts, such as corners.

Since we would like a separate environment to build the cell and perform polishing tests, we needed to clear out our materials storage room. But where to go with all these materials? Well, our solution arrived today! New technology inside, new storage space outside!

Building blockAM integrated demonstrator

This article is part of our ‘4.0 made real by Sirris’ campaign, illustrating the feasibility of 4.0 technology in industry. Want to know more? Visit our landing page or LinkedIn page!