Make your business futureproof in 4 sessions

The emerging technologies and digital business models are the building blocks for innovation. But what are these technologies? How can they be used successfully? And do they really make your business 'futureproof'? Sirris can help you with this because it has, over the years, built up the necessary experience, gained insights into the technologies and materials involved and it has done this through working with many different companies. We will guide you through a complete training programme, consisting of four sessions.

In our Futureproof sessions we provide tips, cases, best practices and quick wins for companies that want to take the first steps towards a 'futureproof business'. Depending on your business, we will get together to look at the specific opportunities that the digital age has to offer.

Download the brochure which contains all the information about the Futureproof sessions.

For these sessions we can make use of:

  • Best practices: Sirris’s European scale-up database, covering more than 4,000 companies, offers unique insights and contains a wealth of information for obtaining a clear picture of patterns and trends in the digital economy. A second database contains the data for approximately 3,000 Belgian digital companies and start-ups and is the most extensive and detailed dataset for the Belgian digital landscape.
  • Bewezen track record: Sirris combines the inputs of technology experts and company coaches with a long track record in corporate and start-up projects. We update and expand our expertise through research projects in areas such as IoT, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, hardware and the cloud. Since 2004, Sirris has coached more than 450 digital ventures in numerous fields. The Sirris map of the Belgian venture landscape is the standard for private and public stakeholders in our country.
  • Topcoaches: the team behind these Business of the Future sessions combines solid experience in the field with an impressive body of publications. They are mentors in various start-up programs such as Imec iStart, Roularta MediaTech, Duval Union Academy, Startit-KBC.
  • Proven approach: digital intrapreneurship and corporate venturing require a hybrid approach that combines experimental projects and expertise of the company and resources in the sector. We apply the databases, our insights into the venture ecosystem and our knowledge of business models and technologies to your business case.


Omar Mohout Peter Verhasselt Nick Boucart

Complete training

We offer four different sessions that you can follow separately or combined.

1. Digital Business Patterns (half-day session): 
Trends in the Belgian and European technology landscape, insights at Belgian and European level in industries, cities, technologies, business models, trends, etc. Inspiration from Scale-up examples, practical examples from Europe and your sector, including new technologies, go-to-market strategies or exploitation models. Practice how business model innovation can let you compete with giants.

2. Digital Business and the Rules of the Game (half-day session):
Experiment with market-driven approach at a time of extreme uncertainty - lean start-up applied in a business context. Hyper-scalability and 10x thinking rules, the characteristics of a perfect business model. A digital footprint or strong online presence is a precondition for affordable customer growth via incoming marketing and network effects.

3. Digital Business Operations (half-day session):
Use the subscription model, which is the dominant digital business model and exploitation engine behind the 'as a Service' offering. The tech stack and API economy - by optimising in small steps you develop your business as a living laboratory. Insight, simulation and exercise in the context of revenue models and financial plans.

4. Digital Business Modelling (half-day session):
The 'digital market place’ business model, together with the subscription model, is the most popular amongst European start-ups.
The 'data-driven business model’, which involves earning money by aggregating, analysing and selling data and which is used by a small percentage of scale-ups in Europe. The 'community building model’, which builds value through the involvement of a community and which is also used by a small number of European scale-ups. Adoption into the industrial value chain and risk management will also be addressed.

Download the brochure which contains all the information about the Futureproof sessions.

Are you not yet entirely familiar with the terminology? Or would you like to know more about emerging technologies and digital business models? Download the Business of the Future Cheat Sheet and all will become clear.

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