Make informed technical choices thanks to open space event TechStack Belgium 2021

As a CTO, Lead Developer or Product Manager within a technical company, you have an important role. Whether you are developing a new product or offering a specific service, sooner or later you will be responsible for making certain choices. Where and how will you store data, for example, or which programming language is best suited to combine speed and quality?

On the one hand, it has never been easier to develop things in a scalable and secure way. There are thousands of APIs, web services and open source projects that can help you do this. Some even cause landslides among software developers. Think of containers, Docker and Kubernetes as deployment models for back-ends, or libraries like React or Angular for front-end developers. 

However, not everyone is eager to jump on every new hype. Many teams still deliberately choose the more classical stacks based on, for example, Ruby on Rails or Laravel, deployed on a PaaS platform such as Heroku. 

The abundance of technical choices is wonderful, but at the same time raises many questions. To take away some doubt, Sirris is organising TechStack Belgium on 20 May, an event for and by developers active in a SaaS or technical company. The event is based on the principle of Open Space Technologies, which allows for an efficient exchange of information and experiences with peers.

Besides a number of presentations, in which the results of the first TechStack Belgium survey are presented in avant-première, we also organise an interactive session. You can suggest the topics that will be discussed there prior to the event. Discussions will be planned on that basis. All input is welcome, as long as the topic you propose is somewhat related to the tools, technology or processes you use to develop digital services!

Practical info: TechStack Belgium 2021 will be an online event, facilitated by Sirris, and created by you, builders of SaaS and other digital platforms.

Click here for more information about TechStack Belgium 2021 and registration.

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