Live introduction to AMR capabilities

Optimising and sensibly automating production logistics with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)... how can you as a company assess how to sensibly deploy such a system and what are the steps involved in such a process? During the recent masterclass, the participants were able to discover the possibilities for themselves.

Participants from six companies were present during the practical part of the masterclass 'Production Logistics 4.0 - Meet the AMRs', which took place live and corona-safe at Sirris in Diepenbeek. They were able to get to know the three mobile robot systems that Sirris provided for the purpose of automating production logistics. The three AMRs each had a different top module: one was fitted with a roller conveyor for this purpose, a second with a module for pulling carts and the third with a pallet lift. The area was set up as a production hall with a storage and prep area. Here, the participants were able to carry out various exercises with the AMRs, after which they had to complete a full scenario with various interlinked tasks typical of a production environment. The attendees were able to experience situations as they occur in reality with AMRs and AGVs: systems that have to cross each other, perform different tasks in each other's working area, scan navigation boundaries, etc. This allowed the participants to learn and test the various aspects of using AMRs hands-on.

Curious about the possibilities of AMRs for your own production environment? On 17 March 2022, the Masterclass 'Production Logistics 4.0 - Meet the AMRs' will take place again at our site in Diepenbeek. You can already register now! Be quick, as the number of participants is limited to 12.

Incoming and internal logistics

Since logistics in production is an extensive and relevant fact that almost every production company has to deal with, Sirris decided to prepare a proposal for a collective project ('COOCK') together with VIL, the innovation platform for the logistics sector in Flanders, and submit it to VLAIO in early 2022. The theme of this new project is flexible incoming and internal logistics.

What we want to achieve during this project includes:

  • an overview of AMR platforms for automated material transport and transfer
  • demonstrators that will be built on the basis of generic use cases
  • a toolbox for defining and evaluating internal logistics concepts
  • digitally supported order picking in the warehouse
  • digital planning and control of incoming and internal logistic tasks

Interested in following this project (if approved) from the front line? You can do so by filling in a Letter of Intent to participate in the guidance group. Please contact us if you would like to participate or for more information about the possibilities!

Are you interested in using AGVs for transport in your company? Do you need a practical assessment of all the aspects involved (deadline, possibilities, cost, etc.)? Then be sure to contact us!