Lightweight components for JTEKT thanks to ‘Product Development Hub’

On 23 October, Sirris is opening a brand-new ‘Product Development Hub’ at its site in Liège. The agenda includes some testimonials from industry describing what the Hub can mean for companies. One such company is JTEKT Torsen.  

During the official opening, Nicolas Poulet, Product Development Manager at JTEKT Torsen, will explain how the company was able to make its automotive products lighter. Sirris helped JTEKT Torsen to optimise these products by improvements to materials management and layout.

JTEKT Torsen specialises in the manufacture of differentials for many makes of car. In the context of increasingly strict rules regarding CO2 emissions faced by the automotive sector, the company is trying to reduce the weight of its products without incurring extra costs. Because its differentials have already been optimised - primarily in terms of shape and compactness - JTEKT called upon Sirris to find solutions based upon the materials used: steel and cast iron. The objectives were ambitious: to reduce weight by 50 percent without adversely affecting technical performance and to reduce production costs by at least 25 percent.  

Hub of six collaborating labs 

How could Sirris work with JTEKT Torsen to tackle this challenge? The Product Development Hub is a unique technological meeting point, comprising six labs that work together to provide even better assistance to companies and to support them in the design of lightweight, miniaturised, smart products so that they can quickly get proofs of concept and prototypes that are ready for industrialisation.

The advanced infrastructure of the hub comprises various technologies including ultrasonic injection moulding, next-gen process monitoring systems for injection moulding applications, an interactive cobot for the production of plastics and hybrid materials, mixed reality in support of the production process and assembly, micro 3D PCBs and micro assembly, smart monitoring for the quality control of plastic multi-component systems, smart room, etc. 

Curious? Discover the full programme on our schedule and register for the official opening of our ‘Product Development Hub’ on 23 October! 

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