Life-on-Chip Conference, enabling personalized medicine by cross-over innovation

Want to know more about the latest cross-over innovations? You may want to attend the ‘Life-on-Chip Conference - Enabling personalized medicine through cross-over innovation’ on 20 and 21 February. The conference aims at speeding up the innovation process towards new healthcare solutions by bringing together international players active in this cross-disciplinary domain, helping and stimulating them to do business and set up new partnerships for cooperative R&D projects.

Micro- and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, design thinking, robotics, novel manufacturing technologies and big data have made major impacts across all industries, but perhaps their greatest potential impact will be in health and life sciences. Combined with ever-growing biological insights and discoveries, resulting innovations will enable amazing applications that can make personalised medicine a reality.

During the conference, testimonies of roads travelled and lessons learned from pioneering researchers, entrepreneurs and first application movers will be presented. There will be keynote speakers and you can attend thematic sessions covering cross-over innovations in personalised medicine within Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), our neighbouring countries and space. Product show cases, posters and matchmaking (B2Match) will also be part of the programme.

Micro-manufacturing @ Sirris

The conference is organised by Smart Hub Flemish Brabant together with DSP Valley,, BioWin, Antleron, IBN Space 4.0, VIB, EIT Health and imec. Sirris too will be there to show you the possibilities of its Micro Lab. Here you can find all micro-manufacturing skills required. We can help you in the process of developing and evaluating a prototype, from the very first idea to the pre-series ready for industrialisation.

The 20 experts of the Sirris Product Development Hub help companies to create innovative products and support them in the rapid development of proofs of concept in the field of light, micro & smart products. We have the engineering resources, high-tech facilities and a vast network of partners to help you with every step of the way during the process of developing microfluidic devices:

  • Design and simulations
  • Proof of concept, by direct micromachining (10 μm diam. tools) and/or micro-3D-printing
  • Prototype manufacturing, based on fast tooling and prototype moulds for injection moulding
  • Assembly and bonding
  • Integration of sensors or third-party items (filters, strips)
  • Conditioning (reagent pre-loading)

You can find all further information on the Life-on-Chip Conference in Leuven on 20 and 21 February here.