Learn how to turn Industry 4.0 into success on Smart Manufacturing Day

AI, machine learning, cloud computing, robotics, the Internet of Things, ... there are many triggers for manufacturers to rethink their businesses. Along with the potential comes some uncertainty on how to transform the opportunities into real cost savings and revenue opportunities. During the Smart Manufacturing Day on 7 November, some of the hypes will be demystified and you will learn how they can contribute to your success.

You learn how to successfully operationalise analytics in manufacturing and you will gain insights into successful Industry 4.0 projects, experience live-demos and discuss the best approaches, technologies and processes with leading industry representatives.
You may expect presentations by Sirris, Flanders Make, Daikin Europe, iCare, CLAAS Service & Parts GmbH, McKinsey & Company, Solvay and Prayon.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Industry 4.0 initiatives: How do we avoid pitfalls and secure quick success in Industry 4.0 innovation projects?
  • Asset performance: What is needed to combine and analyse streaming, edge and process data to increase daily productivity and reduce scrap?
  • Supply chain: How do I apply advanced analytics for demand planning, forecasting and inventory optimisation?
  • Aftermarket: How do we use analytics to reduce service costs and create new opportunities and service offerings?
  • IoT analytics: What are ways to avoid ivory towers and facilitate deployment into live operations?

Interested to join this event? You can find all further details here